Algreen Products Soil Saver Compost Bin Review

Algreen Products Soil Saver Compost Bin Review

Composting is one of the most practically useful ways to be ecologically friendly. In addition to helping the world become a greener place, composting can save you a decent sum of money on store-bought fertilizer. The point of composting is to make use of food and yard waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill rotting.

The difference between composting and recycling is a small yet meaningful one. In recycling, the raw materials of your refuse end up being repurposed to create a new product. In composting, you are technically recycling your food waste, but it is not being repurposed into something new so much as it is being used to help your plants grow and your soil stays healthy.

If you choose to begin composting, you will certainly enjoy the benefits of living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Even if you do not have a garden of your own, you may share your compost with your friends who have their gardens. This way you can do your part to help the world in addition to helping your friends save money as they work on their garden.


Some will even argue that compost is a superior alternative to store bought fertilizer when it comes to the quality of growing your plants. There are only certain types of foods which are effective at helping add to the nutritive value of your soil.

For example, food like candies and other things lacking in proper nutritional aspects will tend to be less effective when it comes to composting than food refuses like apple cores and orange peels.

You will want to be careful about the things you are putting into your soil if you want your plants to turn out healthy and active. This means that you must be careful about the foods and refuse you put into your composting bin.

Composting may be more straightforward than many people believe, but it still requires some thought. Before choosing between the compost bin and the trash bin, take a moment to think about what you are throwing out and how it will change the composition of your soil.

Algreen Products Soil Saver compost bin opened.

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The health of your soil is the paramount consideration when it comes to composting, at least if you have a garden.

Even if you do not have a garden, and you are composting for a friend or so you can improve the health of your lawn, it helps to be careful about how you compost. Irresponsible composting can easily cause more harm than good for your soil.

Now that we have covered some of the basics of composting, we hope that we have given you enough information to make an informed decision regarding whether you would like to begin composting at home. We will now move onto our composting bin review.

The Product

If you are looking for a durable and effective compost bin, this bin from Algreen Products is an excellent choice. The strong construction of the compost bin’s walls and the effective locking lid ensures that this is one of the more durable compost bins that you will find available.

This means that this product is one of the better choices for a compost bin if you have a problem with raccoons always breaking into your compost bin and causing a mess in your backyard. This compost bin is manufactured by one of the more reputable manufacturers of compost bins and compost products so you can rest assured you are purchasing a reliable item.


  • Produces compost within 6 to 8 weeks
  • Provides a durable environment for compost to thrive
  • Made from 100% recycled BPA-free material
  • Features a locking self-watering lid
  • Robust construction


If you are searching for an effective composting bin, it is always important to ensure that the product you purchase is durable enough to contain your compost throughout the day. One of the last things you would want to happen is to have your compost bin opened by wild animals or strays.

Algreen Products Soil Saver compost bin.

In addition to causing a mess which you will have to pick up, it will also ruin all of the time that has gone towards developing your compost.

The 100% recycled BPA-free material that goes into constructing this product ensures that it abides by the eco-friendly principles behind composting. After all, it would be somewhat pointless for an ecologically oriented product to feature environmentally-damaging construction.

The auto-locking lid on this product is another way to ensure that your compost bin is not tampered with by pets or children around the house.

What Others Say

After looking through several reviews and customer testimonials, we have compiled some of the more common complaints and some of the more constant praise for this product. One of the more typical concerns was over the included composting and assembly instructions that come with this product.

While these are not entirely crucial as you can always search online, it 'd be good to have better made instructional guides. One of the aspects which were very well received was the inclusion of several convenient doors for retrieving your compost as opposed to an awkwardly positioned hatch present on other models.

Buying Advice

When it comes to composting bins, it is important to find one that is available for a reasonable price. This product is available for around 100 dollars on Amazon, which is a good price for a product with such good build quality and a wide variety of features.

Algreen Products Soil Saver compost bin outside.


Finding a proper composting bin is not as difficult as it may at first seem. This model from Algreen Products proves that you can find an efficient and durable product for a good price. We hope that this review has helped you make a decision regarding your new composting bin purchase.

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