Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Compost Aerator

Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Compost Aerator

Composting is one of the best things about gardening. It not only offers a rewarding experience but also enriches the soil and suppresses pests and diseases, which is nature's way of recycling so that plants can use yard waste as food. However, to ensure the process goes smoothly, it is essential you invest in the best compost aerator.

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What Is A Compost Aerator

A compost aerator is a specialized tool that is used to aerate and turn the compost pile in the bin. Gardeners can choose from two main types: plunger and corkscrews. You can insert both tools into the compost heap. The pulling action moves the contents and circulates air in the compost.

Weasel garden claw.

A plunger features a pointed pole and has two folding tines. The tines close when the aerator is pushed to the pile and open up again. The corkscrew, on the other hand, turns and pulls upwards.

How Does The Aerator Work

Compost aerators add vital oxygen to the mix, creating an aerobic environment. We recommend you purchase specially made tools for this process (we have recommended some tools at the end of the guide).

The pointed ends of the compost aerator stab the pile, creating large pockets of air deep inside the compost. Gardeners can also use a pitchfork or a shovel for this process. However, this only works if you have a single bin system. Some gardeners also use a piece of rebar or stick to produce the same effects.

Reasons To Use A Compost Aerator

Regularly aerating your compost can significantly speed up the process allowing you to get compost in 4 to 8 weeks instead of 3 to 8 months. The pile needs require a regular influx of oxygen. If you don't use an aerator, the pile will sit still only to collect bacteria.

Without a steady supply of oxygen, the anaerobic environment will slow down the decomposition process and can result in some problems. Here are a few important reasons why you should use a compost aerator:

Reheats The Pile

Circulating fresh air and a periodic influx of oxygen are necessary for the decomposition process. To understand this concept, think about how fire needs air to burn. The organic materials in the compost bin are like fire. The compost needs air to stay in an aerobic state.

Creates Passage Way For Moisture

As the material starts to decompose, the pile will begin to shrink and compress in size. It will cause the pile the cool down sooner without decomposing the rest of the compost. A Compost aerator exposes more particles and fluffs up the mixture. The mix of air, heat, and moisture speeds up the decomposition process.

Lotech Compost Aerator Review

Speeds Up The Process

A cold pile of compost will require a relatively long time to break down. Fortunately, a compost aerator encourages frequent turning of the mixture, which allows the pile to reheat itself after each turning session.

Aeration Eliminates Odors

If you allow your pile of compost to sit still for extended periods of time, it can become stale. Odor indicates that the pile of composts has too much nitrogen or is has too much moisture. To control this situation, we suggest you add more carbon to the mix to balance it out.

At this point, aeration is necessary to fluff up the organic materials. Turning matted or odorous compost increases its exposure to air, increasing the surface area, allowing more to get inside the mix.

How To Use A Compost Aerator

Anybody who has turned or shoveled compost knows its hard work and can be a back-breaking task. Because of the physical strength needed to complete this task, using a compost aerator is not suitable for young kids, older people or anybody who is out of shape. So for starters, evaluate whether you are physically fit enough to use a compost aerator.


Turning the compost in its bin can take a lot of work but can have fruitful results if done properly. Most commercial bins have small openings, which makes it difficult for gardeners to use the compost aerator. Additionally, the height of the container may prevent you from inserting the shovel deep into the soil. For this reason, it is advisable you turn the compost into another bin.

Use the compost aerator after every few weeks. While doing so, remember to check the moisture levels of the fertilizer. If the pile seems too dry, remoisten the compost if needed.

Best Compost Aerator

Want to purchase the best compost aerator for your garden? Here are a couple of our top recommendations:

Winner: The Compost Crank

Aerating compost can be a challenge but not when you have the right tools. The Compost Crank is a convenient yet effective method to tend to your compost bin.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Constructed using 3/8 inch of stainless steel
  • ​Lifetime limited warranty
  • ​Constructed using 3/8 inch of stainless steel
  • Comfortable to use free spinning handle
  • ​Tall aerator that is about 45 inches long
  • Can easily penetrate through grit and vines without a problem
Compost Crank Compost Aerator

Our Rating


The pointy ends allow you penetrate through practically any material similar to an auger. All you have to do is grasp the free-spinning handles and crank the compost at a clockwise direction into the pile. You can conveniently lift up the corkscrew without turning, which thoroughly mixes the compost and allows air to penetrate inside.

However, depending on how much compost there is in the bin, you may have to repeat the steps mentioned above. Loosening the material is a breeze with the Compost Crank. The tool features a unique shape that allows you to reach practically every corner of the bin. Also, because of its sleek design, lifting the compost will be relatively easier and won't be a back-aching process. Some n

Runner Up: Garden Weasel 91316 Garden Claw

The Garden Weasel 91316 Garden Claw is an indispensable tool when it comes to compost aeration. The pointy ends of the tool allow gardeners to use the claw for all kinds of soils. It also features a comfortable handle that offers a powerful grip. The spiral turn action enables gardeners to perform four different gardening tasks with one simple tool, which includes loosening soil, aeration, cultivating, and weeding.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Comfortable grip with easy to use handle
  • Rotates moisture in the ground and packs the compost with air
  • ​Fully assembled garden claw that is ready to use, right out of the box
  • Allows gardeners to conserve water, yielding healthier and better quality plants
Garden Weasel Garden Claw

Our Rating


Thanks to the compost aerator's easy to use design, you don't have to worry about bending to use the tool. Simply stand over the area you want to work in and place the claw into the soil, which is probably the most convenient way to maintain your garden all year long.

The Garden Claw ensures minimum work on your part, so you don't have to worry about using additional force. The durable steel tines perform an excellent job in loosening the soil. 

Alternative: Yard Butler G-CORE Green Line Aerator

The Yard Butler G-CORE Green Line Aerator is an insanely comfortable, easy to use compost aerator that uses minimal resources and lesser materials for compost aeration. This line aerator is available in a stunning green color and can help you save plenty of water and resources while getting the job done. The line aerator reduces water run-off and soil compaction.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Super durable, stainless steel construction
  • Breaks down tough soil and allows air to enter down the roots
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Promotes drought tolerance and root growth
Yard Butler G-CORE Green Line Aerator

Our Rating


The product strengthens root growth and reduces heat stress. Not to mention, practically any gardener will be happy to have this tool in a striking green color. You can also use the line aerator to separate small patches of your backyard or lawn. For its insanely affordable price, you won’t be disappointed by the tool’s performance.

If you have a larger lawn, you can conveniently choose a new section to aerate. The manufacturers recommend you clean out the tubes as soon as it appears clogged. After purchasing the Yard Butler, you won’t feel the need to invest in another compost aerator tool. To convince you further, here are some notable features of the best compost aerator:


Hopefully, this detailed guide has offered you all the information you need to invest in the best compost aerator. While most people undermine the importance of using a specialized tool for compost aeration, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by this simple tool’s performance.

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