Gardener's Supply Company Dual-Batch Compost Bin Review

Gardener’s Supply Company Dual-Batch Compost Bin Review

Finding the right compost bin can be a bit of a hassle as it is typically difficult to decide between different models if you are not overly familiar with compost bins. This makes it harder for beginners to find a suitable option as they are unsure of what they must search for.

This review should help both beginners and composting veterans find a valid option.

The Product

If you are looking for an effective and versatile model of the compost bin, you will find that this product is ideal for you. It includes separately rotating compost bins that make it far more simple to cultivate two different batches of compost at the same time.

The polypropylene construction also ensures that your product will be durable enough to weather the elements.


  • Features separately rotating compost bins
  • Can make compost in as little as two weeks
  • Made from heavy duty polypropylene
  • Features steel legs​
  • Holds three cubic feet in volume
Gardener's Supply Company Dual Batch compost bin.


This double batch compost tumbler is both durable and well constructed. Upon first purchasing this product, you will notice that it features two separate composting compartments. This is the main feature and selling point of this particular product. In addition to the rotating compartments, this product is made from high-quality polypropylene.

This model of compost bin is also very durable when compared to many other competing models, not only due to the polypropylene construction but also because of the high-quality steel legs that will not buckle under heavier loads. In addition to durability, this model features high capacity as it can hold approximately 22 gallons of compost.

What Others Say

Customers are pleased with the high capacity of this model. The two separate storage bins tend to provide an excess of space that will tend to give you enough compost to fertilize even larger gardens.

When combined with the convenience of being able to tend to two separate compost piles at the same time, this model is quite superior to many other composting options.

When it comes to downsides, there are not many for this product. One of the only complaints we have seen from customers has to do with the doors. Some customers have complained about the doors on this product being slightly difficult to open when compared to other competing options

Woman using Gardener's Supply Company Dual Batch compost bin.

Buying Advice

This product is an excellent choice, but it is slightly more pricey than several other options in the compost bin category. It is typically available from Amazon for around 150 dollars.


If you need a compost bin with two separate compartments, this is one of the best options you will find. The combination of versatility and excellent build quality means that you will in no way regret this purchase for a long time to come.

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