Good Ideas CW-2X12 Senior Wizard Compost Bin Review

Good Ideas CW-2X12 Senior Wizard Compost Bin Review

It is a good idea to get into the habit of composting. The world is already polluted enough with trash and landfills are getting fuller and fuller by the day, so every little bit we can do to contribute to worldwide recycling helps.

Composting is one of the better ways you can recycle because it benefits you directly and in a relatively short time frame.

The Product

The Good Ideas C2-2X12 is an excellent product if you need a dual tumbler compost bin. The inclusion of two bins makes this product much more versatile as you can have two separate compost heaps developing at the same time.

As it is made using FDA approved materials, you can rest assured that this product is safe for use with your home garden and does not contain any possible contaminants.


  • Features an 11 cubic foot total capacity
  • Capacity is split up as 5.5 cubic feet per chamber
  • Product comes fully assembled
  • Includes large lids for the chambers
  • Uses FDA approved materials
Good Ideas CW-2X12 Senior Wizard Dual Tumbler compost bin.


This compost bin is an excellent choice for any customer searching for a dual bin composter. It is quite simple to use, unlike some other competing models and does not require any complicated assembly process, which is quite a relief. The large total capacity of 11 cubic feet ensures that you will be able to fit a large amount of compost into these two tumbler bins.

This product also features decent build quality. When compared to more expensive products, it is somewhat lacking, but it is rather good when you take into account the price range, so it is rather hard to complain.

What Others Say

Most customers are highly satisfied with this product. One of the preferred aspects of this model of compost bin is the increased volume of your raw compost materials when compared to similarly priced products. As each bin is just over five cubic feet of volume, this model has about twice as much space as is typical for most compost bins.

One of the only downsides that most customers mention about this product is the somewhat lacking build quality for a product of this price point.

Good Ideas CW-2X12 Senior Wizard Dual Tumbler compost bin opened.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a compost bin which features a rather large volume, you will find that this product can fit your needs quite adequately. You can purchase this product online from retailers such as Amazon for around 250 dollars, so it is a bit on the pricier end of the scale.


The Good Ideas CW-2X12 is one of the better high volume compost bins we have tested. The dual compartment construction ensures that you will be able to develop two separate compost heaps at a time. We hope that this review has been helpful.

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